Australian Road Trip Tips

What could be more exciting than an Australian road trip, this continent is made for just this type of journey. You have the oceans, the great outback and the mountains and with the right type of planing you can cover a lot of ground. However, this land is treacherous, you could end up driving miles without running into so much as a gas pump, some of the off road destinations are quite tricky so you’d better get the right vehicle and not to mention a good towing service on speed dial.

Nevertheless, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to explore the marvel that is Australia.

Choosing the right vehicle

In this case size matters, you want a high quality durable car that will keep you safe on the road. So basically an SUV would be right up your alley. Opting for a renowned brand of SUVs is your best bet. You can make a selection of SUVs by size and choose the one that suits you best. That way, you can be certain your road trip will be smooth. Don’t forget that you’ll need to check if your car is in a good condition for a road trip, so consulting a mobile mechanic in Brisbane or any other Australian city would be a smart move.

Opting for the perfect route

There are numerous options when it comes to road trip routes Down Under, one of the key aspects is deciding what you want to see along the way. Do you want to focus on the ocean side and beaches or opt for mountains, lakes and national parks. Make sure you check the availability of gas pumps along the way as well as places to spend the night. There are a lot of picturesque towns in Australia that can provide you with great food and a bit of culture exploration as well. For example, the Savannah Way is the ultimate road trip path, it will take you from Cairns in Queensland to Broome in Western Australia, and you’ll get to see Milla Milla Falls, Undara Lava Tubes as well as the Boodjamulla National Park. What an adventure that would be.  

Pack for any occasion

Whether in Australia can be tricky, especially if you are off exploring different parts of this magical continent during your road trip. You should pack light for most of the trip but also have some warm clothes if you go into the mountains, as it can get quite chilly as the night falls. In addition don’t forget to include an extensive first-aid kit in you baggage. Australia is full of not so friendly animals and insects and getting bitten in the middle of nowhere can be quite dangerous. But if you have the right equipment and medication you will be able to keep your injury under control until you reach a hospital.

Pack the right gadgets

You’ll need you gadgets on the road, and so it is essential to pack the right ones. Your regular cell phone will do you no good outside of towns and on the dirt roads. Investing in a satellite phone is a great idea, you will be able to reach an emergency service no matter where you find yourself. Next on the list are phone chargers you can use in your car, considering you don’t exactly know the amount of time you’ll spend on the road, there is a good chance your phone battery won’t make it till the next stop, so charging it on the road is definitely the best option. Finally, don’t forget your navigation, and make sure it is up to date, it won’t do you much good off road, but it can help you stick to the desired route and navigate the great Australian outback.


There you are, all set for an adventure of a lifetime. A road trip through Australia is something you are bound to remember for the rest of your life. Enjoy!


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