Chasing the Benidorm Bastards

Benidorm wouldn’t come to mind when planning your next trip, I know. My first thoughts were ‘old people’ & ‘partying UK youngsters’. Although I wasn’t entirely wrong, Benidorm has a different side as well. Apparently, it is still one of the most popular holiday destinations of Europe and is the city gaining popularity in the USA. Let me introduce you to the cool and awesome side of the most popular holiday destination of Spain.

When visiting Benidorm, book yourself a jeep-tour at Marc’o Polo experiences. The owner himself was Belgian and was explaining the history of Benidorm like a real Spaniard. I loved it. He took us to some of the best viewpoints in Benidorm and really drove us from one end to another. Next to this, pictures with a jeep are always a good idea.

Watersport is a huge deal in Benidorm. You can do everything from waterboarding, to parasailing and renting a jetski. We did the latter two, of which the jetski was my favorite. It was my first time and had been on my  to-do-list for a while already. Although I was a bit scared in the beginning, I had the time of my life. Sadly, I lost Matthias’ sunglasses while on the jetski [WOOPS]. Anyway, sorry again, MattG!

Last but not least: rent a boat and go snorkeling! Benidorm isn’t the best place to book a yacht or a wooden taxi boat like we did in Como. However, there are plenty of snorkeling and diving tours available. We stayed for a few hours in a small bay away from the large beach crowd. A great way to relax, to swim, check out the colorful fish and … don’t forget to take some pictures.

Photos are taken by Dennis Van Peel & Matthias Geerts

In collaboration with Visit Benidorm


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