Classy Casual

Some love it, some hate it. No, I’m not yet talking about my look, but about the miraculous building in the pictures. In my native tongue it’s called ‘Het Havenhuis‘ and it’s designed by one of the most creative souls of the architectural world: Zaha Hadith. She integrated the old building with a new glass and steel contour, doubling the amount of space and creating a new must-see in Antwerp.

For this look, i’m wearing a shirt of one of my favorite brands: Nolson. Their shirts are made of only the finest cotton fabrics and designed with exceptional craftsmanship. They are to be worn at both casual and formal occasions. I’ve chosen for the casual one, this time. Pairing it up with some jeans and a cool leather jacket gives it all a more urban look. Mother Nature made it however impossible to wear my jacket the whole time, due to the tropical temperatures.

And last but not least: Vans are always a good idea.

Long weekend! ✌?

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Photos by Ascari Mertens


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