Dear Rival

Some weeks ago, Bjorn Borg launched its new ‘Dear Rival‘ campaign. It’s all about being better than your competitor and pushing each other to the limits. At the moment, we see a lot of negative examples of rivalry in the world. The most prominent example nowadays is Trump in the USA. He hates Muslims, gays, women… Okay well, actually he just hates everyone except the white conservative male. In the case of Bjorn Borg himself, John McEnroe was his main enemy on the tennis court. Nevertheless, he deterred this into something motivating and saw his ‘enemy’  as an opportunity to push himself even harder to his goals.

‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer’ they say (thank you Game of Thrones for the inspiration). Let me tell you something about my personal rival. My ‘enemy’ in the gym is also my best friend and gym-buddy, Jorn. Although we don’t go to the same gym most of the time, we try to train together as much as possible. Next to talking the whole time and laughing a lot, we motivate each other & boost each other’s performance. When I want to order another burger at McDonalds, he’s the one to say ‘summer is only around the corner, but hey, enjoy!’. And when he’s too tired to do another set of abs crunches, I’m the one to quote ‘so no six-pack photos next holiday!’.

Rivalry shouldn’t be seen as something negative, but should motivate you to achieve your goals even faster. Bend it into something positive, don’t play too safe and dare to be the best.


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