How to Develop a Positive Money Consciousness

Money makes the world go round, and even though it’s true, there is something extra worrying — a lack of individual consciousness when it comes to personal money management. Many people struggle with staying afloat throughout the month, mainly due to high expenses and impulsive purchases. Therefore, if you’re dealing with financial issues, or you’re just looking to learn how to manage your money better, here are some tips and ideas that will help you develop a positive money consciousness.

Reevaluate your spending habits

If you find yourself spending more than you have, then it’s time to reevaluate your spending habits. A lot of people automatically reach for their credit card when they see something they want, which, even though satisfying at first, can have negative benefits on one’s budget in the long run. Therefore, instead of buying everything that seems cute or necessary, it’s better to take a pause and rethink your needs and values. Owning five different facial moisturizers won’t actually make your skin immaculate, it will just clutter your space. Incorporating some smart spending habits will surely help you save money and live a more quality lifestyle, that’s for sure.

Plan your purchases

Being able to buy anything on a whim is something many people desire, but unfortunately, that privilege belongs only to a certain group of people. Despite that, it is possible to own things you need (and want), but in order to make that happen, you should learn how to plan your purchases in advance. So rather than maxing out your credit card, you should practice self-discipline and patience, and buy things only when you have a sufficient amount to do so. Alternatively, shopping during the sale season can be quite helpful, as you’ll manage to get more for less, which is always good news for your bank balance.

Be a smart spender

Waiting for discounts and planning your purchases is great, but aside from that, there are other, equally useful ways to develop money consciousness. First, it’s important to get informed about various ways that will allow you to spend and still end up staying afloat. Using every opportunity to save or improve your financial situation can help you gain new habits and improve your overall lifestyle. For example, getting the best standard chartered unlimited cashback card allows you to get a percentage of what you spend in cash; that way, you won’t have to max out everything in order to enjoy dining and travelling, or focus on other, more important expenses.

Aim to save money

Money consciousness is a skill that needs to get developed, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right from the get-go. Unlearning all the past financial bad habits might take some time, but also keep in mind that even baby steps count, so instead of aiming to plan big, start saving money whenever you can, little by little. Also, try to resist the urge to spend that money, because then all the effort won’t matter. You can also go to your bank and ask them to set aside a certain sum each month — you won’t be allowed to touch that money until after some time. That way you’ll be able to save more substantial amount of money that can later be used for bigger investments and more serious purchases. 

Surround yourself with knowledgeable people 

Going on shopping sprees with your best friend might be one of the funniest ways to relax, but if you’re looking to create a positive relationship with money, then you must start spending more time with people who are knowledgeable about money management and finances in general. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should ditch all your old friends, but instead of opting to pay for everything or do activities that encourage you to spend, it’s better to use your time on things that will help you grow and save money at the same time. 

Focus on things that matter

We live in the age of materialism, so it’s not uncommon to see people who mindlessly spend without evaluating themselves at all. Now, buying new things is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t indebt yourself in order to be considered hip and trendy. You don’t need the latest smartphone to communicate and use apps, so rather than spending a lot of money on gadgets, it’s more advisable to invest in something that will help you grow and learn, such as a course or a trip abroad. 


Focusing on things that matter (friendships, relationships, creative pursuits etc) will help you improve the way of thinking, and consequently, your life. Incorporating positive financial habits will help you cut expenses and better yourself and those around you. 


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