Discovering South Yarra

When you find yourself in the gorgeous city of Melbourne, it might be tempting to stick to the CDB for the largest portion of your stay, but the nearby suburbs are packed with sightseeing-worthy spots, awesome foodie nooks and a shopping spree just waiting to happen!

One of the most prominent neighborhoods where you can have a taste of the real Melbournian life is South Yarra, an area chock-full of fun for all appetites. The following are just some among many wonderful spots to visit, fall in love with, and go back to every once in a while, because every time a new restaurant or store opens, people all over the area flock to check out the latest addition to the South Yarra scene.

Go green

There’s no better spot in Melbourne to relax and lounge about, since South Yarra hides some of the best green-laden outdoor areas you could wish for. Royal Botanic Gardens, for starters, located on the south bank of the Yarra River, is a dream come true for any nature enthusiast. Take a romantic punt cruise with your better half, or just stroll among the many beautiful tracks.

Fawkner Park is another prime example of Australian love for Mother Nature, but with a slight touch of the modern lifestyle, as the locals who play golf, football, tennis on the premises or take part in other versatile activities offered in the park.

Foodie heaven

They may be called cafes and bars, but what they serve is pure bliss in a cup. Simple proof of that – go, for example, to the Green Cup in Chapel Street and treat yourself to one of their delicious smoothies, and a slice or two of their banana bread served with plenty of smashed avo or home-made peanut butter. My personal favorite? The Blueberry Babe smoothie.

If you are on a full-blown sushi frenzy, visit the Suzuran Sushi Bar, their Nigiri Tuna & Prawns are to die for. They also sell extensive range of Japanese food products available in Victoria, for the pickiest of eaters among you. Either way, you’ll come across a multitude of eateries to keep you busy in the district of South Yarra, no matter your preferences.

Hit the shops

All the upscale, deluxe, out-of-the-ordinary stores are huddled together in Chapel Street – it’s where all things fashionable and avant-garde happen. If you’re eager to splurge on the latest Kardashian-inspired garments, taste some of the finest whiskey in town or peruse the Minomero collection of tailored suits and other high-end fashion pieces.

However, if two kilometers (yup, that’s the fashion stretch of this street!) won’t cut it for your fancy taste buds, there are other ways to keep your inner shopaholic more than happy. For the curious beauty-loving souls with a passion for local delicacies as well, 670 Chapel is a shopping centre in Chapel st. that blends the best of both worlds. Hit the stores for an update of your wardrobe and end your spree by savoring some of their finest sandwich treats.

Architecture for the artsy

The Herring Island Sculpture Park in the middle of Yarra River is a sanctuary island with some of the most beautiful artwork by internationally-recognized sculptors you can enjoy immersed in pristine nature and Aboriginal culture. If you visit in spring, you can revel in the blooming section of the Native Wild Garden also found on the island.

The Alexandra Avenue offers a perfect stroll for those who wish to soak in the beauty of art deco-inspired residential buildings, and Victorian-styled terrace homes. Doman Road is perfect for those who’d like a glimpse at some of the most eminent homes in the hood, such as Airlie House and Raveloe. Craving some local art? Head to the Gould Galleries for an afternoon of carefully-chosen Australian art to wrap up your South Yarra stay.


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