Fall Living Room Decor

Being the area you spend most of your free time in, the living room has to reflect all that you are – strong, manly, determined, modern and, above all, stylish. Designing and decorating such a room, however, might not be as easy as most men think and you could definitely use some help doing so. In order to get your living room ready for the fall, here are a few tips, tricks and ideas for you to try out.

Create a focal point

Let’s face it, the purpose of most living rooms today comes down to two things – entertaining guests and watching TV. After a long and exhausting day, you want nothing else than to take a hot shower and spend a couple of hours talking to your friends or binge-watching your favorite show. That’s why creating a focal point should be one of the first things you need to take care of when decorating a living room.

Add some comfort

Speaking of binge-watching, you can’t do that in uncomfortable furniture, can you? Therefore, think about coziness when purchasing Ikea sofas and chairs because that’s the only way to ensure your living room is as comfortable and inviting as it can be. Moreover, keep the style of the living room in mind, too, and opt for colors, shades, patterns and textures that complement the rest of the room, especially the color of the walls.

Personalize the room

Your living room should be a reflection of who you are and the best way to personalize it is by filling it up with your private things – from those beer cans you’ve been collecting since college to baseball cards that remind you of your childhood. These things have to be meaningful and purposeful at the same time because they represent the man you are, but also serve as decoration. For instance, if you’re a fan of vinyl records, find a way to display them in a tasteful and visually appealing way that will show your guests just how stylish and decorative you really are.

A scent of elegance

A real man has to smell wonderful, which is why we all spend a ton of money on perfumes and aftershaves, but what about our rooms? Diffusers, scented waters, potpourri sachets, scent machines and flowers are some of the most effective ways to make your living room smell quite amazing. In the end, these will also help you relax more and make your guests feel welcome at the same time. Some of these things work great as decorative pieces, too, but if you want to take things to another level, explore elegant and fragrant Wedgwood scented candles – they’ll be a great addition to your already perfect living room décor.

Advertise your skills

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or already in a relationship, the chances are your living room will witness lots of traffic, which makes it quite a suitable space for you to advertise yourself and your special skills. Adding just a couple of decorative pieces you’ve made with your own two hands will leave a great impression on everyone and certainly make you look manly, handy and, after all, sexy. There are lots of things you can try out, from reupholstering an old sofa to adding a stylish rug, and each of these will turn your living room into something extra special.

Other ideas

Some of the other ways to decorate your living room in a masculine, yet effective way include hanging a few pictures here and there, splurging on a comfy lounge chair and adding a plant or two that will introduce a dose of nature into your living space.


Written by Peter Minkoff


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