My First Designer Item

In January, I went to Milan Fashion Week. I did something unexpected over there. I bought my first designer item: Gucci Loafers. Why? I don’t know. I did not actually want to, but they stole my heart immediately…

My boyfriend wanted to buy a pair of the newest Gucci sneakers, so we decided to visit the store in the center of Milan. I did not had the intention to buy something, because the prices are… well, high. Matthias suddenly dropped a Gucci loafer in my hand and asked me if I liked them. ‘Well, uh, YES.’. They didn’t convince me to buy them tho. The in-store sale person, however, worked her magic and suddenly I was wearing the loafers in the right size. I was sold directly after fitting them and seeing the result in the mirror. A little present for myself won’t hurt, right?

I did not had the change to shoot them, because I wanted to wait for the right occasion. Our visit to Es Saadi, one of the most beautiful resorts of Marrakech was the perfect setting. It’s possible to book the blue villa, which you can see in the photos below. We didn’t asked about the price, but I guess it will cost more than a few pair of designer shoes….

I paired the loafers with a black and white look, as the location was already quite bright. To complete the look, I was wearing the Feather Cuff of TAWO Amsterdam and some Komono sunnies. You can find all shopping link below :).


Location: Es Saadi Marrakech

Shoes – Gucci

Pants  – Zara

Shirt – Zara

Sunnies – Komono

Watch – Komono

Bracelet – TAWO Amsterdam

All photos are taken with a Canon Mark IV 5D by Matthias Geerts


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