One more week until we can unwrap all those presents under the christmas tree! Time to see what people bought you! My family however, always struggles with finding me presents. Most of the time it ends up being something that’s not really useful or chocolate, cookies and everything else unhealthy that basically ruins the hard work you’ve been doing in the gym for the last couple of weeks. Not that I’m not thankful or anything, but it’s just a waste of money… If you’ve got the same problem finding a good present for your boyfriend, brother, friend, dad or whomever you’re buying for, I thought it would be helpful to give some advice: Zalando! They have lots of ideas, some of them being:

For one, boxers! Always a safe present as long as you stay away from the H&M or Zara ones, cause let’s be honest, they’re just not that great. Get the ones from Calvin Klein! Black, white, grey… it will all do the job perfectly! I do also like the ones from Diesel and Versace as they’re very cool and they also have that level of sexiness that every guy kinda wants, no?

Up next are wallets! Also really safe, but as they say: better safe than sorry! I don’t prefer the thicker kind of wallets but that’s completely up to you of course. I like the smaller ones where you can only store some cards and bills (when I receive some change coins I tend to put them in my pocket anyway). To me that’s just so much easier than a regular big one. The one I use at the moment is a black Royal Republique one but I do also like the brown cognac ones! Like I said it’s up to you what size and color you pick and luckily Zalando offers you a lot of choices!

‘Better safe than sorry!’

Last but certainly not least: clothes. For example, you can never go wrong with a nice sweater like this one from Linderberg. It’s classy and special at the same time thanks to the fabric.
Nevertheless, not every guy likes to receive clothes of course, so some other ideas are perfumes (unfortunately not available on Zalando though), watches, bracelets etc. There are enough cool accessories on Zalando!
Once you’ve selected and ordered the perfect gift, you’ll have it at your door, only 3 days later! And no worries, if it turns out to be the wrong size or you’ve bought the same present as someone else (Imagine ugh), you can always send your items back without any cost (more on that on the Zalando website).

I hope I inspired some of you and that there will be awesome presents under all of those trees!
Merry Christmas!


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