Gentleman by Givenchy

Last Wednesday, Givenchy throwed a huge party in the center of Paris to launch its newest men fragrance: Gentleman. The venue of the night was the extraordinary Hotel Le Maurois, with its stunning entrance hall and upstairs ballroom covered in gold paint. The CEO himself, Romain Spitzer, introduced the new perfume with the complementary commercial. Main guest of the evening was Aaron Taylor, who is the face of the newest Givenchy Beauty product – you’ll probably know him from Godzilla, Avengers or Kick Ass 1 & 2.

The scent is a combination of lavender, patchouli and iris. This palette of diverse aromas introduces an irresistible masculine yet sophisticated scent. The nose is playing an important role nowadays how people evaluate each other. The Givenchy Gentleman screams attraction in a subtle way and will awaken others’ people senses. With this perfume, Givenchy wanted to introduce a signature smell for the #TheNewGentleman of the 21st century. His main character is sensitive but with a free spirit who wants to escape for his mainstream habits.

Thanks Givenchy for having us! It was a pleasure.


Pictures by Me & Matthias Geerts w/a Canon EOS D5 Mark IV


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