How To Get Around in Thailand

As Thailand is a large country, it’s not easy to explore every corner of it. During a 2-weeks trip, it’s kinda possible – we did it – but you’ll need a lot of transportation!

About the plane:

It’s an easy way to get around Thailand, which saves you a lot of time (and sometimes even money!). Go check out the website of AirAsia, to buy the cheapest plane tickets ever. This aircompany offers a lot of domestic flights.

About the nighttrain:

The night train is not the most elegant way to get around. However, it’s worth to take at least one train while you’re visiting Thailand. The experience is very cool, but not ‘great’. They drive from the North of Thailand, to Bangkok, to the South. Buy your tickets in advance (at least 2 days) (for example on the site of 12Asia, as tickets run out quick)… And remember: It’s all about the adventure!

About the ferry:

If you’re planning to visit the islands in the South, you will definitely need to take the ferry. It’s easy to buy tickets at the pier – or even at the airport – (only cash) and they go multiple times a day.

About the motorbike:

It’s a great way to get around in a city (such as Chiang Mai) or on the islands (like Koh Phangan). When you’re travelling alone or with two, it’s much cheaper to rent a scooter instead of taking a taxi (or Grab) the whole time. It’s important to bring your international driver license to Thailand. The police sometimes controls scooters (and foreigners) to check their drivers licenses. If you only use a national or European one, you’ll need to pay a 500 Bath fine (13 EUR).

About the taxi:

Most taxis in Thailand can be trusted, however they sometimes charge more for foreigners. It’s cheaper and easier to download the ‘Grab’ app on your smartphone. In this way, you know in advance what you will pay for your ride.


All photos are made with a Canon Mark IV 5D by Dennis Van Peel & Jorn Brinckman


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