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Christmas Markets, snow, toffee nut lattes and short days: it’s December. One thing we could possibly add to the previous summary are ‘presents’. I personally know how hard it is to find some appreciated gifts which won’t end in the waste bin after leaving the Christmas party. Every year over again at the beginning of December, the same problem arises: what to buy without ruining your bank account. For this reason I decided to give some ideas what you should buy for your boyfriend, brother, friend, father or other male family members.

First on the list: active wear. Every body feels more confident in the gym when wearing the best possible sports gear. This gift is perfect for everybody. Why? The person who you’d gift the present will either do sports OR promise to start doing sports in the upcoming year – like everybody. Pushing them into those new years resolutions is always a good idea, right? My favorite sportwear brand is Nike or Under Armour. More information can be found here, here and here.

Active wear is great, but tools to use it, are even better. Want your boyfriend to build a stronger core and a six-pack by Summer? Give him an ab wheel! Hopefully he’ll get the hint. If you think he’s more into cardio and running, but you’d like to give him some variety, a skipping rope is a nice gift as well. It’s something I use a lot now (after receiving it), but didn’t want to buy it myself.

Enough about sports now. If the person isn’t really into sports in general, it won’t be the end of the world. More options are coming! Underwear, for example, is something every guy needs. Calvin Klein is probably the best option, as most men are fan of this (underwear) brand. It’s a gift which is ‘necessary’ and of every day use, but nobody likes to buy it themselves. Perfect to receive during the Holidays.

Most of my male friends of male family members are well dressed and can easily put an outfit together. Maybe it’s because men nowadays are spending more time on their appearance – or maybe it’s just because they follow fashion bloggers on Instagram? The thing is that most men forget to finish their look, for example with cool jewelry. Take a look at the website of TAWO to gift some nice man candy.

another accessory to gift is a watch – classic one. Daniel Wellington & Paul Hewitt are giving you the possibility to compose a gifting box, including a watch and cuff or bracelet. On the website of Paul Hewitt, you can even engrave the bracelet with a special date, name or place.

Gifting some interior of decoration stuff is either difficult for guys. What can be a good gift, could be some plants, like a Bonzai. It’s cool, green and doesn’t take a lot of space. A ‘Pikaplant’ is another great option. This plan is based is a closed environment, so there is no need to water it. For people like me who always forget this, it’s a great invention!

Hope this helped a bit for a few ideas regarding Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Happy Holidays!





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