Golden Combo

Abs aren’t only made in the gym. It starts in the kitchen. Nevertheless, a good combo is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. When one part is much bigger or smaller than the other you will never reach your goal. You want to gain 10 kilos in muscle? If McDonals is your second home, it won’t work. Even when going 5 days a week to the gym. But, even when your meals are planned correctly to the nutrition your body needs, you still need to hit the gym!Let me tell you some more about the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

Whatever your goals is; Losing weight, gaining weight, become fitter,… Know what you need to do. Know what you need to eat. You don’t have enough knowledge about it? Google is there to help you! And otherwise: Instagram. Contact me or some other Instagram guy/girl which motivates you.

A lot of people are afraid to enter the gym. They think the real ‘gym-bros’ laugh with you because you’re not as muscular as them? They won’t, because they started just like you. Ask for some tips and tricks, they will be proud to share them. If you start right, with the right information and the right plan, you will never spill time doing wrong and you will reach your goal faster!

One of the golden standards in nutrition is your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, and the best one in my opinion 😉 (think yogurt, fruits, granola, oatmeal, coffee, etc.) Not enough ideas? Check out Herbalife. It should include all the necessary nutrition to start your day right. Make sure that your breakfast brings you to your average sugar level. A wrong breakfast is the major reason of tiredness. The second pillar, is your nutrition during the day. In one sentence? Eat a lot (Tried and succeeded). Do not eat just three times a day. It makes your metabolism (read: burning calories) go slower, and that’s not what we want. On the third spot is drinking enough water. It feeds the circulation in your body. Next to this, there are a lot of important things about nutrition, but this will already be a great start.

It’s difficult to set standards when It’s about sports. Everyone has different goals. Some overall standards are appropriate. The first is already said: Never start doing something without its fundamentals. It could harm your body in a very damaging way. Second one: don’t give up. Quitters never win, winners never quit. If you want to achieve your goal and know what you got to do, just keep going. It will challenge you, but it’s worth it in the end. And the last part? Do it for yourself, not for anyone else. Why doing it for another person, when yourself is way more motivating? If your motivation is making that 1 person want you, why not making everyone want you ;).

Looking for a place to sport and motivate each other? Join me at the bootcamp of Hemiksem and Niel (Check out the pictures below).

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