Greased Lightnin’

For this look, I kept it quite simple. I just took a white shirt, black jacket and black ripped jeans. Actually I wanted to wear my grey hoodie, which I totally adore. They’re easy to wear, to combine and they fit great! But even in Belgium sun is shining these days, so plans needed to be adapted ;). Wearing only the leather jack, a white shirt and the black pants, it reminded me of the movie Grease haha ;). Due to the simplicity of my look, the focus is on my sneakers, sunnies and DIYed tee.

On my feet, I’m wearing Nike, which were designed by Ricardo Ticsi. We know this guy as the previous creative director of Givenchy. They did a collab in 2015, were these kicks are from. Also last year in 2016, Nike paired up with Mister Tisci to design a new collab (which was also LIT, duuuuh).

I took my brown Ray-Ban, to match my kicks and defer the look from a total ‘black & white-one’. About the T-shirt: I wanted to throw it away. But at the same time, I had the idea to personalize one. Sounded like a perfect match to me: If the project didn’t work, I wouldn’t have bad feelings about getting rid of it. But in the end, it succeeded. I’ve put ‘Not Afraid’ on it, keeping in mind the several terroristic attacks in Europe. People should be in the streets, and not in their homes because of an unsafely feeling!

Till the next one!




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