“Healthy snacking” your way through exams (or life)

Hey people, or should I say students?

If you’re not a student right now, that’s fine, this post is for everyone trying to stay healthy. However, with the exam period in Belgium (one whole month, *sigh*) we thought it’d be a good time to share some tips with you.

For those of you who are not having exams, a brief description of the period: 50% of the students desperately wish they never had started with university/college, 60% percent of students find everything else in life more interesting than what’s in their books (a sunbathing pigeon in front of their window for example) and 70% of the students crave unhealthy food and also eat it because hey, “it’s a hard knock life”. ♪♬

But it doesn’t have to be that way! ‘Unhealthy’ mostly means ‘fast and easy’, but this doesn’t mean ‘fast and easy’ is a synonym for ‘unhealthy’! There is plenty you can eat and drink that is easy to make, and still satisfying. We have 6 study food guidelines for you:

  1. Have a good breakfast! Nothing is as important as starting your day with some energy food such as yoghurt, granola, eggs or fruit. Don’t forget your coffee! However, just drink 1 or 2 cups, you still need to be able to sit down and focus!
    (Tip: wake up early and take your time. You’ll be a happier human being)

  2. Your unhealthy snacks … throw them out! No cookies, chips or candy! Try to ban all the sugars and fats that give you a short high, but a way deeper low after which you only crave more junk food. Sugars also make you more active but … some of us need to study, remember?
    (Tip: just don’t buy them. If they are not there, you can’t eat them. And you definitely don’t have the time to go to a store: books don’t read themselves)


  3. Vitamins, especially the B’s and C. They will stimulate your concentration, give you energy and help to relieve stress. Conclusion: eat your fruits (strawberries, kiwis, oranges, watermelon) and veggies, but also…
  4. Nuts! Almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, etc. They are all good. Nuts are packed with vitamins B and C and enable your brain to communicate well. Also, they have a lot of protein, how awesome is that? One thing: don’t eat too much of them. But if you’re craving something around 4 PM, a handful of nuts will help you, trust me.

    IMG_5665 2.jpgIMG_5666.jpg

  5. Humus is your new Nutella. Humus is full of protein, magnesium and iron. It will boost your energy and take your unhealthy cravings away.
    (Tip: Try it on rice cakes. If you want, you can even add some chicken or cucumber)
  6. Green smoothies. Yes, green and yes, with vegetables! Green smoothies contain a lot less sugar than normal fruit smoothies, but can still taste really good! Btw, green is healthy, it’s just a fact…
    (Tip: use apple or pineapple for the sweetness and throw it in the blender with veggies like spinach, cucumber and celery. Add a little ginger or mint for an extra touch)

I hope we were able to help you out a little. Good luck to everyone and Bon Appétit!






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