The Hippie Town of Thailand

If you’re visiting the North of Thailand, Pai is definitely a must see. The main street is filled with hostel and there are more bagpackers than Thai people. However, the cosy village stills gives you that ‘Let’s explore Thailand’-feeling. The town is great when you just want to rest a bit, eat, drink & hang around at the cosy thai-style bars. The positive vibes over there are insane.

Pai is not a big city, compared to Chiang Mai. It’s only a few streets and there are not so many things to do. The main activities are the hot springs, the large white Buddha and the Pai Canyon. If you’re planning to do the latter, please do it in the early morning or late afternoon. We did it at 11 PM – the hottest moment of the day – which wasn’t clever. However, due to our tight sceduale we didn’t had a lot of choice. Another (evening) activity is the Night Bazaar. A great place to have dinner, which you can find on the main street of Pai, from 18h until 22 AM.

Coming from Chiang Mai, it’s easy to get there. You can take a minibus, or go by motorbike. At Aya Service in Chiang Mai, you can rent one and they bring your large bagpack to Pai. Take route 107 – 1095, which you can’t miss! However, if you never rode a scooter before: take care. The road has more than 700 bends, and will probably take you more than 3 hours. Nevertheless, it’s worth it. The feeling of freedom during the trip is great! If you want to have a break: there are enough nice coffee places along the road!



Pictures are taken with a Canon Mark IV 5D by Dennis Van Peel & Jorn Brinckman


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