How to be Sexier in 3 Easy Steps

Sexiness is an art form as much it is a skill and a talent. Well, as you might have heard before, hard work trumps talent any day of the week. So, even if you don’t boast an innate disposition to be a flaming epitome of sexiness, you can definitely master its traits and get the girl of your dreams (or dude, your preference) to adore every inch of you and make you a part of her, or his, every wet dream.

Being ridiculously sexy entails a perfect symbiosis of physical traits (to a lesser extent) paired with a debonair persona so ravishingly irresistible, that no one, neither your boss nor your girlfriend can resist falling into your web. And let me tell you, you can be that guy. Without further ado, here are the three crucial steps you need to take to become sexier than ever before!

Horny but sensitive

Firstly, you need to give out a stallion-like vibe. Be careful though, as being a stallion isn’t easy, and most men unknowingly venture into douchebag territory in an attempt to present a sexy persona, a territory few are able to escape with their life.

So, people love to see a persona that is strong, passionate and intense, but those semi-extremes need to find their balance in modesty, gentlemanly conduct, empathy and respect for others. If you don’t balance out your personality, you will easily be labelled as a brute, or conversely, as Sid the sloth. So how do you achieve a perfect balance?

First, you want to pair a ravishing smile with a piercing gaze able to penetrate any armour and stir up the butterflies in any stomach. Practice your signature facial expression in the mirror. Next, you want to show that you are passionate in bed but never forget to listen to her body and balance out your rough exterior by making her feel safe and focusing on what makes her body tremble.

Rock the boat just right

And speaking of focusing on her needs, you want to master the art of lovemaking. Now, this one takes plenty of time and practice, no matter how talented or well-equipped you might be. Remember, it’s not about the size of the mast, it’s about the skill of the captain.

Therefore, you want to, again, listen to what makes her knees tremble, and you also want to show incentive by enriching your love life with sex toys that will bring it to a completely new level of passion and ecstasy. Be creative, be passionate, and take control of her helm with strength and vigour.

Broaden your horizons

Finally, the part most men tend to overlook – self-improvement. There are few things as sexy as a man with many interests, passions and hobbies, and you want to broaden your horizons by always looking for new, rewarding goals to achieve. Learn a new skill, such as cocktail-making, imbue your lifestyle with various art forms such as cinema and literature, go to the theatre and take your date on a truly unique adventure that will dazzle her senses and restore her faith in men.

The sexiest skills include playing an instrument, learning a new language and being able to discuss a wide variety of topics – in essence, stick to a single habit in life, such as lifting weights, but broaden your horizons as much as you can. Rather than taking her for a cup of coffee, take her to the planetarium for instance, tell her about the stars and dazzle her mind – that is the way to a woman’s heart.


Becoming a flaming ball of sexiness is not complicated, it just requires some prudent investing of time and effort, an investment that will pay off in kind. Make sure you follow these three essential steps and you will forever be the sexiest man in the eyes of the opposite, or same sex.


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