How to get them Yeezy’s

Hi guys!

I got some questions recently about how I’m able to collect so many pair of Yeezy’s. I decided to share a few tips and tricks with you, on how to increase your chances on managing to buy one.

When they first came out, it was all about camping. only if you had the time to sleep and live for a fews days in front of a Yeezy-releasing store you were certain to get a pair. Some stores thought it was unfair for people who needed to go to work or school and weren’t able to drop their lives for a few days. That’s why they started organizing Instagram raffles or in-store registration. nowadays, the Instagram raffle is the most common way.

First, check which stores in your neighborhood are selling them. In my experience the more local the more luck I had. In Antwerp, my hometown, you can buy them at Avenue, Adidas Store, Monar&Clothes and Renaissance. Make sure you follow them on Instagram.They will post information about how they will sell them. Most of them do an Instagram raffle, nevertheless you should read their instructions carefully. At Monar&clothes you also must go to the store and registering your name, Instagram name, etc.

“Rock them, don’t stock them”

For a chance to buy them at Adidas originals you need to download the Adidas confirmed app. Just follow the instructions in the app. Normally a few days before the release of the upcoming pair, you only need to click at a certain time, given in the app. There are only two things to worry about. The first one is to have an excellent internet connection, if you don’t want to get frustrated. The second thing is to be near Antwerp, if you want to buy your pair in the Adidas store in Antwerp. You’re not able to get a pair of Yeezy’s when you’re laying at the beach of Curacao, because you need to be physically ‘in the zone’.

The next release will be the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “zebra’s” on the 25th of February. This release will be very limited. They are only available through the Adidas confirmed app or Adidas flagships stores. For these ones, it won’t be easy to cop a pair.

And guys: Rock them, don’t stock them!



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