How to organize your entryway

Y’all probably know that problem, when you can’t even enter the living room properly without falling onto all the lost shoes in the hallway. I need to admit: I have the same struggle. 50% of the time, I’m too lazy to give my shoes a spot in the closet. The other 50% is due to having not enough space for them. Maybe this can be my own fault, because of buying too much and collecting them. However, I’m convinced that everything would be more orderly when having more, and the right, space for my shoes.

That’s the reason why I started checking out Pinterest, to check out how others do it. Wooden boxes next to, or above each other, shelves or tables. Sometimes, the easy way out can be the best ones! If you’re not into the wooden solution, you can still buy shoe racks in IKEA. A less cozy, however efficient solution to your entryway mess. Below, you can find some very inspiring entryways.

Pictures coming from Pinterest.


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