I’M in Manila

Out entry in Manila was a warm welcome, literally. Now I finally understand what they mean with ‘tropical heat’ in Asia. After 1 hour of Philippine traffic-jam-survival, we reached the luxurious building of the I’M Hotel.

With its towering height, it gains an important position on the skyline of Manila. We slept at the 26th floor, including a spectacular view across the metropolitan city. The room had separate living and bedrooms, which were both spacious enough to make a happy-dance, finally seeing a bed after 14 hours of travelling. One of the eye-catchers in the room was the bathroom. Covered in grey marble, it obtained a sober, yet classy and sophisticated look.

Fancy a good meal, when arriving late in the evening but you don’t want to leave the building? No worries, the I’M Hotel got your back. On the first floor, just above the lobby, you can find Empress Jade. This restaurant specializes in Chinese food. Their crab-meals are of the best quality in town. If you’re looking for something else to eat, the personnel is immediately at your side. They are ready to help you out & their hospitality is immense.

The second day we had a large struggle to get back by the hotel. There were no Ubers available, taxis around and Grab didn’t work. Finally, we found a cab. Unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours. The I’M Ones Spa was a great activity to chill after a heavy and intensive day in Manila. We had a treatment of 1 hour, including a visit to the sauna and the hot swimming pools. Afterwards we had the chance to do a buffet, before we went to bed.

We woke up with a full stomach the day after and there was already a new breakfast buffet waiting for us. This included egg-dishes, fresh fruit, Chinese noodle soup and even sushi. You may say we were ready to continue our Philippine trip towards Cebu!


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