Indian Summer Vibes

After weeks of temperatures getting colder and the amount of sunshine getting smaller, we suddenly had 3 days of ‘Summer’ – Well, Belgian Summer. Being able to walk around, only wearing a shirt (and not a coat & 2 scarfs) in October feels weird, yet great at the same time!

I took my white denim jacket out of my closet, and paired it up with a grey jeans, green/white striped shirt and some old school Vans. The glasses I’m wearing came in a few days ago, so I was hoping for some sunny days to shoot them. The odds were in my favor!

My next post will probably be one wearing more clothes ;).

Pants & Jacket – Weekday

Shirt – Samsoe Samsoe

Sneakers – Vans

Glasses – Komono

Photos by Jan Van Eldere w/a Canon EOS M5


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