Island Hopping in El Nido

What is Island Hopping? 

That was also my thought when everyone told me I should go ‘island hopping’. What is this kind of activity? You can take it very literally: going form one island to another by boat. My second thought: ‘So it’s possible to rent a boat and check out other beaches?’ Well, not really. You need to book a tour for a private or group boat. Best, one day in advance or even two. We decided at 8.30 AM to go island hopping that day. Most of the private boats were already booked, but due to the good local contacts of our hotel, we left the coast of El Nido at 9AM!

What can you expect?

White sand beaches, clear blue water, an unforgetable experience… and probably many other tourists. If you want those incredible untouched-beach pictures, leave early, around 7AM. Another way is to ask your guide to take you to another less touristic place, like we did. However, even with a countless amount of other visitors, the islands of El Nido are majestic to see.

Are there different tours?

Yes. In El Nido, there were 4. Every guide/company offers the same tour. We combined tour A and C, which are the lagoon-tour and the white-beach-tour. This highlights El Nido’s most precious locations. We did Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Starbeach, the Big Lagoon and the Small Lagoon. Except Helicopter Island, all were a blessing for our eyes.

How much will Island Hopping cost you?

We took a private boat which costs 7500 Philippine Pesos for 2 people, which is around 125 euros. Every extra person adds 1500 Philippine Pesos extra, which is 25 euros. Every guide/company asks more or less the same amount. This includes an 8-hour during tour, water as much as you want an a once-in-a-lifetime dinner on board – just think about the ocean view.


Any other question?

Don’t hesitate to ask me!

Pictures by Me & Matthias Geerts w/a Canon EOS Mark IV


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