James Dean Never Goes Out Of Style

The 50’s may seem ages ago, but we go back to that time way more than we think. In fashion, there are major throwbacks to older times every year. Nothing makes me happier to see that biker jackets are totally back. Although, where they ever gone? They just never go out of style.

A biker jacket is that one classic piece everyone should own. It’s absolutely timeless, and it’s up to you how to wear it because it’s fit for so many occasions. I chose to combine my black biker jacket with some black jeans, a long-sleeved plain white T-shirt and navy sneakers. It’s kind of the classic James Dean look in an updated 2017 version.

Of course it does get colder at this time of the year. So if the shirt doesn’t keep you warm, just throw a sweater on. I’m wearing a navy sweater that goes with my sneakers, but still keeps the look going.

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