Kanye 2020

Kanye for president? Well, for sneakerheads across the globe this would be a nightmare, because who will design the next Yeezy’s? Nothing to fear about so far. Rumors introduced the news of a new Retro Adidas Powerphase.

Ok, cool a new sneaker, but what’s so special this time? It’s not about the design but about the price. The next West masterpiece will be retailed for less than 200€, which would be the first time in the Yeezy history. According to Yeezy Maffia, price of the Calabas x Adidas Powerphase would be around 120$ (or 110€ if the euro doesn’t drop further). The retro kick would be made up of white leather and reminds me a little of a hybrid of the Nike Air Force and the Reebok NPC II White? Check the image underneath and judge yourself.

Release date is said to be around Spring.




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