What You Should Know About the Songkran Festival

We were driving to Pai, while suddenly I received a bucket of water, thrown over me. I was shocked. However, other Thai already warned me for that and apperently this is how they celebrate Songkran: with a lot of water.

During the 13th until the 15th of April, the Thai celebrate Thai New Year. It’s a great period to visit Thailand, however some stores and shops close so check it in advance if you’re planning a trip that day.

What happens during these 3-day during festival? You’ll get splashed by a lot of water! Kids on the side of the road are trying to make every scooter-riding person wet. In the afternoon, people start drinking and celebrations start. During the evening, the streets of Chiang Mai and Bangkok turn into streets of (water) war. Everybody is shooting on each other (which water guns –duh- ), which is great!

On other places of the country, like the South or the Island, you won’t see a lot of the Songkran Festival. The best experience is staying in the large citites!

Happy Songkran!


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