Living Room Details

Guess it’s time to share some shots of our living room with you! Matthias already wrote a blogpost about our living room on his blog which you can read here. However, back then our living room wasn’t fully furnished. We were still waiting for one – super large – piece of furniture and some extra decorations. They finally arrived! And I’ll tell you all about them now.

Although our living room was already filled with 5 plants, sofas, a huge carpet and 12173 candles – yeah, Matt loves candles, we still felt like something was missing. We decided to use a lot of frames with either a black or golden finish. The thing is: if you have a lot of frames, you need a lot of pictures to put in them. And most of the time these photos include a lot of colours, which can mess up the entire atmosphere of your room. To solve this issue we decided to use some simple designs. Desenio is one of those fantastic frame-design brands. We were sold, immediately. And it didn’t stop in our living room! After scrolling though the website, we decided to also order designs for our bedroom and hallway.

The large piece of furniture which still needed to arrive was our TV stand. We chose a black one, as we already had a lot of colors and dynamic elements. The cupboard came from Pastoe, a beautiful design brand from The Netherlands. We took the ‘Landscape‘ one, but they have several other collections on their website as well. It easy to design online and you can choose almost everything by yourself. I’ll write a separate blogpost about it later on!

More details of our living room can be found on the pictures below. Hope you like them!



Pictures are taken by me w/a Canon EOS M5



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  1. January 14, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    Absolutely adore that Pastoe cabinet, and I’m afraid I have Matthias’ same obsession with candles!

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