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When decorating your home, it can certainly be difficult to make everything fit together. We also had the same problem. We knew how we wanted to decorate our living room: we knew which sofas we wanted, which carpet, what kind of coffee- and side tables,… We even had bought our blankets already! The only missing piece was a media unit. Before, our TV had been standing on the floor. Not necessarily a bad thing, however not the way how we wanted it. We already had a lot of colors in our living room with our blue velvet sofas, yellow pillows and a dark green velvet footstool. Hence us deciding to go for an easy-going black TV-stand.

Browsing on the internet, we finally arrived on the website of one of our favorite Dutch design brands: Pastoe. They had so many minimalistic designs that we immediately were reassured that we were going to find what we had been desperately looking for. It needed to be one with a lot of space, as it was the only ‘closet’ we were going to have in our living room. Our final choice ended up being the ‘Landscape‘ design.

You can design the whole cabinet yourself, easily online. The configurator program helps you put together the exact media stand you need. It’s possible to add an opening for the media/TV wires, extra shelves or an inside drawer. You can even choose how you want to open the closet: with a flap, a door, a drawer or to leave it open. You want a deeper closet? You can change the dimensions of the closet in a few simple clicks.

We decided to take a black one, which might be the most boring, but it definitely fitted best in our living room. You don’t like black? Don’t worry, it’s possible to change the color of every piece of the cabinet. You’ll definitely like one of the 48 possible colors, and if not: add your own one!

Finally, I understand not everybody may like to put together their furniture online. It can take a lot of time and you can easily get frustrated if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to. The solution for you then is to visit the showroom in Houten and sit together with a dealer of Pastoe who will help you design the closet of your dreams!

Below, you can find some images of our Pastoe closet.


Pictures are taken by Dennis Van Peel w/a Canon Mark IV D5


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