Mixing Dinning Set

A few months ago, I discovered Pinterest. It’s not that I didn’t know the social media inspiration platform, I just never tried it. In summary: it’s great. Pinterest gives me a lot of inspiration about menswear and travel destinations. Going through all the photos, something else crossed my eyes.

Interior and decoration wasn’t love at first sight. A few years back, I couldn’t understand why people would spend their day shopping for their home. However, things changed. Pinterest made me realize how beautiful and interesting home styles and decoration can be. Last weekend I went walking in Antwerp and visited some cozy interior boutiques. It’s so cool to image some small things blending in with the larger furniture, establishing a warm relationship.

One of the home-essentials is the dining table. In my opinion, it’s the core of the house. It’s the place where you enjoy a certain amount of your day. For example: breakfast. And you guys know me, I know what’s important in life! Anyway, people also use it to talk about their life over dinner and some even use it to work. Clearly: a multifunctional place. A cool trick to spice things up in your dining room is mixing the chairs. It’s possible to fit in several styles; bohemian, modern, Scandinavian etc. The struggle is to pick the right colors. Dark ones, like grey, black and dark green are easy options. Personally, I prefer brighter tones, like yellow, light green or beige. Of course, a lot depends on the surrounding colors and your other furniture. The same shape of chairs is the most save way to decorate the dining room. I would recommend choosing 3 with an arm-rest and 3 without.

This trick doesn’t need to take a large piece of your budget. Sample sales are great to conquer your newest preciousness and diverse set of chairs. Big tip: second-hand stores! They mostly sell chairs by one or 2, so it’s impossible to selected 6 of the same ones ;).


Curious what my place looks like? I’ll tell you more in a few months ;).


Photo credits: Pinterest


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