Morning Essentials

Though it was time for a male grooming blogpost! The first ever actually, since I started blogging – which is not that long yet. However, time has come to share with you some tips and tricks of my morning rituals – which does not take that much time as probably a lot of you think ;).

One of the toughest – and most time consuming – things is shaving. Since last week I’m using a new device in my bathroom, which s(h)aves me a lot of time: the Braun Series 3 Ruskin 3040s. And ProSkin, you may take literally. Due to its 3-Flex head, my shaving process goes faster than ever and with great – or even greatest – care for my skin. With the 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements, it’s impossible to overstrike a single piece of your skin. The S3 adapts easily to every contour, going from chin to jawline, without giving discomfort.

Before using the Braun S3, I was afraid electric shaving won’t give the same results as doing it with razors. However, the build-in precision and Triple Action Cutting System made this wasn’t the case. My skin is smoother than ever thanks to this new purchase.  Next to the S3, Braun has multiple other option like the 7 and 9 Series.

Hope this helps some of you out!



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