Hay guys! Two weeks ago I went to Ghent, to discover the new collection of Lee. It’s an American denim brand and was established in 1898. No wonder why they know EVERYTHING about jeans. When visiting, you can ask the sales advisor in store for help or just wander around and check it out by yourself. A difficult client in denim? No prob, you’ll definitely find some jeans cut which will fit you perfect: straight, skinny, slim, etc. Of course there is plenty of other cool stuff except jeans. Shirts, bombers, jackets,… but it’s better to check it with your own eyes!

I was able to pick three outfits. The first one was a more dark one. I really loved the black denim jacket, but together with a grey jeans it needed some color, don’t you think? That’s the moment my eye catched the black-yellow shirt which I’m wearing underneath. In my second look, blue was the central color. It reminded me of the days back in high school when I was obligated to wear all blue. Still traumatized by those years, however picking out clothes for school was waaay more easy. But okay, I went for the blue bomber, white tee & a slim blue jeans. The Vans I’m wearing gave it a more street-look in my opinion which completed the outfit together with a light-blue scarf. My last outfit was the black leather jacket, which I combined with a longer purple shirt and a white tee, to make it not too dark. This all was completed with a black slim jeans and my black boots which are real winter essentials to me.

Hope I gave you some inspiration!


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