New Year Resolutions

The start of a new year means making some new goals and doing new promises, which – hopefully – will be achieved. I decided to write some of my resolutions down – just in case I won’t remember them anymore in February.

1 Make Youtube-videos.

I’m thinking about it for a while now and finally time has come. I will start doing Youtube videos very soon (together with my boyfriend, Matthias). We were thinking about separate channels first and one channel together, but we decided to do only the latter. The videos will be about our personal lives, blogging, traveling and menswear. We will do the videos in Dutch (for now), so sorry for the ones who wanted to see me vlogging in English. Maybe something for 2019?

2. Explore the world.

Yes, even more! I traveled quite a lot new countries the latest year, but there are many more to check out. Asia is a place where I definitely want to go back. The Philippines had a great impact on my travel experience. Nature in Asia is so peaceful and extraordinary to see. Waters are clear-blue and forests are huge. Indonesia and Myanmar are two countries which are on the list of this year. Another part of the world I would like to see is South-America. I studied in Mexico for a while and the country stole my heart. I travelled across a few countries in Latin-america, but not all. Argentina and Peru look so cool, so maybe 2018 is the year.

3. Start a (side)-business

I’m almost getting my Master’s Degree – hopefully in June – which means the moment has come to think about the future. As I’m studying Economics Sciences, I would love to be an entrepreneur. I’m starting a business in the near future with Matthias, but maybe more ‘projects’ will follow in 2018. We still have more than 300 days to go ;).

4. Finding the right editing skills.

Ok, a typical blogger one. I’m struggling for a while now about editing photos. Editing photos is one thing, but getting them together in a perfect feed is different. Finding the balance between several colors and  light balances onto your Instagram profile is a real challenge. I’m trying to experiment with different things. A few months ago I wanted lighter photos, now I want them more darker. I’m still investigating which kind of ‘filter’ I want. If you have any recommendations, write them into my DM on Instagram, please.

5. Read more.

I want to read more books (and definitely magazines) this year. I’m forgetting all my foreign languages with I learned for so many years in school – except English. I want to read more magazines in English to improve it, and magazines in Spanish or even French, to get these languages back from where them came. After studying in Mexico, I was fluent in Spanish. Now, I can only speak it, when I’m drunk – lol.

6. Being even more happy than last year.

A classic one, of course! 2016 was good, 2017 was great and 2018 will be even better. I want to spend more time with my friends, my family and smile more. Spending time with the people that matter to me makes me happy. I don’t know how, but 2017 seemed the year I saw everyone in my surrounding space less than ever before. Is it because I’m growing up? Well, let’s try to turn this process down in 2018 ;).

7. Spending less time on social media.

Ok, stop lying. What a joke.

I hope you’ll will have a blast during 2018!



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  1. January 8, 2018 / 4:33 am

    Hi Dennis! Happy New Year to you. Really excited to see the upcoming plans this year! Would love to see the YouTube channel both the personal and one with Matthias. I will need to brush up on my Dutch though, haha. Thanks for being a style inspiration. Always love seeing your smart, simple, clean looks. Best wishes x

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