Office Goals

As some of you probably know, Matthias and I opened up an office in Antwerp. It’s our office as bloggers, but also a showroom for our jewellery brand TAWO. Since it’s finally finished (except for a fancy, preferably vintage-looking closet), it was about time to share some images with you guys.

As the space is full of daylight, we wanted to work with colourful objects and avoid a modern black and white-looking office space. The room’s eye-catcher is the green marble office table. However, it wasn’t easy to find a large marble table on the internet. Most furniture dealers offered marble tables until 1,80 meters long. Secondly, green marble isn’t easy to find either. After a few hours of searching the internet we discovered, which is offering marble tables up to 2.20 meters long in 3 types of marble – Black, white & green. In the end, we added 4 brown leather chairs to the table.

On the other side of the space, we created a cosy corner with a sofa and some low-sitting chairs. For the sofa, we chose a yellow-velour one, coming from Sofa Company. At first, we thought yellow/beige would be a risky combination with the green table, but it worked out great in the end. Our coffee table is coming from Sofa Company as well. They sell some excellent living- and dining room furniture. On their website, it’s also possible to create a sofa with your own style and taste. For example, we designed our pouf, which is normally sold in a different fabric and color.

To match the colorful tones in the office space, we needed a carpet with several colorful hints as well. For that reason, we chose one from the same brand as the one we got at home: Louis De Poortere. The yellow and blue hints are blending in perfectly with the other furniture pieces. To finish everything we bought some cosy candles and accessories. Most of them are from Baobab or H&M Home.


Photos are made by Dennis Van Peel with a Canon Mark IV 5D


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