Oliver Sweeney x Van Loock

Hi guys!

I’m very excited to be writing my first blogpost and that it can be about something as cool as these Oliver Sweeny X Van Look shoes. You can imagine how excited I was when seeing the shoebox that had been waiting for me at home (way too long).
These shoes are not only fancy & cool looking, but also really comfortable and they fit me perfectly. But that’s not all, as weird as it may sound, I was able to get them tattooed with a personal design! A tattoo? On a shoe? That’s the same I thought!

Well, this crazy idea started in London, back in September 2012. The process is done in the same way as it’s done on real skin. The tattooist-in-Chief (what a title!) from Oliver Sweeney, Sarah Cooper, uses a real tattoo gun and ink on the shoe, with the result of an incredibly original and cool shoe. That’s just awesome right?

For the design, you can literally choose anything you want. All the way from quotes or initials to something like animals. When thinking about the design I wanted, I had already seen a couple examples with the London skyline. As I am based in Antwerp, I wanted to give my shoes a personal touch by putting the skyline of my city on them. This design is not the most striking and in-the-face, but it seemed very classic and minimalistic to me. After seeing them in real life, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“The finest materials from the best factories in the world”

Since 1920, Oliver Sweeney brings a unique take on contemporary footwear by using the finest materials from the best factories in the world. Nowadays, they are represented everywhere, but their very own flagship store is based in London. Next time you cross the channel or fly over there, it’s definitely worth a visit! If you’re interested in buying something from them but you can’t make it all the way to Britain, no worries, you can easily order online or pass the store of Van Loock.
I will leave a link below with all the information and I’ll include a video showing the tattooing process for those who’re interested.

Be sure to keep an eye out to my blog as I hope to keep inspiring you!



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