On the Road with Drivy

A few days ago, I went on a roadtrip through Belgium with Drivy. ‘Who is Drivy’ do you say? No, Drivy is not my new best friend or a new person I met. It’s a car-sharing platform, introduced in Belgium two years ago. Already several car-sharing services passed our way, however this one is different! Why? Let me explain you.

Drivy can be used by car-owners or car-users. If you have a car you only use once in a while, you’re able to rent it by using Drivy. People in need of a car, without owning one, can hire your car! Car-owners will have the possibility to create some extra money by using Drivy, while car-users won’t have large expenses as when owning one.

How does it work? Step 1 is downloading the Drivy app and creating your profile. After filling in all the correct data, you can choose a car you’d like to rent. Complete the hour of departure and return and request to hire the car. After the approval of the car-owners, you’re ready to go.

Once you arrived at the car, it’s easy to open using the Drivy Open-technology. The car will unlock and the keys of the car can be found inside. Also closing the car at the end of your ride can be done with the app. It will only cost you around 30 euros a day!

Me and my friend Timothy made a trip through Belgium while it was splendid weather in Belgium. Not the best to spend the whole day in the car, however the open roof of our little Smart made this way better! Drivy challenged us to find a secret destination without using help-tools such as Google Maps or even a regular one. Together with my great co-pilot – @timonthegram on Instagram – we arrived at our destination by using the road-signs. Our destination? Maasmechelen Village! a great excuse to go shopping thanks to Drivy ;).



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