Protein Breakfasts

Some of you asked me what my eating routine is, so I decided it was time to post something about food. These are my main breakfast options and they are full of protein. A lot of proteins equals nice muscles which equals a happy you. It’s as easy as that! Okay, not really, you still need to get your ass to the gym.

The first one is my personal favourite. It’s a classic and basic one for probably a lot of you. Greek yogurt with fruit and oats. I used banana as fruit until the day I discovered frozen pomegranate in my supermarket. Pomegranate is normally really expensive and getting the seeds out is always a battle. Not my preferred morning routine so far! Frozen ones are less expensive and waaay easier. Greek yogurt is full of protein (9gr/100gr). However, keep in mind to buy the 0% fat one. Greek yogurt contains more fat compared to its normal brother. Adding some oats on top makes it even better. I don’t really eat muesli or granola, because of its hidden sugars – I get enough of that during the day.


The second one is some warm oatmeal with chopped apple, honey and cinnamon. The best way is to slice the apple and heat it up in a pan with honey. Wait until its light brown and caramelized enough – my mouth is watering while writing this. Heat the oats with the cinnamon and skimmed milk in the microwave for 2 minutes. Add a spoon of vanilla protein powder and mix it all up. Top it off with the warm apple slices.


Last but not least: the Acai Bowl. Protein and energy at the same time! I blend mine with some skimmed milk (I know normal acai bowls are made with almond milk – Sorry for that, vegans!), and some frozen blueberries until it’s a thick paste. Adding a banana is optional. Want some more protein or carbs? Add some Greek yogurt, oats or even protein powder to it. Top it off with some fresh fruits, chia and hemp seeds.


 – Photos by Dennis Van Peel –


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