Skater Boy

You’ve probably see a lot of guys (and girls) wearing white sneakers with white socks in it. In my opinion, it’s kinda cool, but it needs to fit you. It’s give me a ‘skater-ish’ vibe – not that I practice the sport, lol. I bought my socks in Urban Outfitter. They have some very cool ones of Kappa, Adidas and mine: with ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ on it. My sneakers are pastel purple ones, coming from Reebok. Personally, the Club C sneaker is one of coolest one at the moment and something different than everyone’s Adidas or Nike sneakers. They have them also in pink and green, but you’ll find the link below. The short, I made it myself. I took a bleeched jeans and cut it right above the knee. It’s wasn’t as cool in its longer version, so that’s why I decided to make a Summer edition of it.

Pictures by Matthias Geerts


Socks – Urban Outfitters

Sneakers – Reebok

Short by myself

Watch – Fromanteel


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