Spiced Black

You’ll probably know I crossed borders to northerly last week! Amsterdam, in particular. We only stayed 2 days, but had a blast. The weather was great, and even better were the fresh donuts of Dunkin Donuts. The food chain recently opened their first store in Amsterdam, so we couldn’t let this opportunity go. I’m already 5 years waiting for them to open a store in Antwerp, so I was happy as a hippo.  On vacation, I don’t care about eating too much fat or sugar. And as a Belgian, The Netherlands are foreign territory, right?

Now about the look! I kept it quite dark this time for a spring outfit. I was wearing a black ripped pants –  changed it for a lightblue jeans the next day though –, a white shirt and a cool bomber. I bought it a few weeks ago when staying in Madrid. It didn’t look so special to me at first sight, but the tiger on the back made me take my credit card. The store was called Lefties, but so far isn’t that well-known in Europe. The chain started as a so-called ‘Zara-outlet’. Pieces which weren’t sold at Zara, could be bought later in Lefties. It saved the world some unused resources and the people – me included – a lot of money. Later on, it became a separate brand of Inditex, next to Zara, to compete with chains like Primark and Forever21.

At the moment, the brand is only situated (in Europe) in Spain and Portugal. They opened new stores in Mexico, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Belgium isn’t yet on their list so far. Wanna check out their clothes? Here’s the link to their webshop.

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Photos by Matthias Geerts


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  1. matthiasgeerts1
    May 1, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    Zag er tof uit..

    Matthias Geerts

  2. May 2, 2017 / 2:34 am

    that jacket and donuts tho.
    Great photography as always mate !

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