Streetfood in Jakarta

Jakarta, the city known for its huge malls, excellent saunas and… street food! Next to its horrible traffic, the Capital of Indonesia has a lot to offer (They finally started building a metro system since the streets couldn’t handle all the cars). In Jakarta, they don’t know ordinary rush hours: it’s rush hour 24/7.

Now, back to the positive aspects of Jakarta. Just like any other Asian capital, Jakarta has large shopping malls. To outweigh its competitors, Jakarta added some more huge ones to the main area. West & East Mall, to name two, are great for some indoor activity. Especially, during rain season.

Something else now, Jakarta is also known for its street food. I didn’t have any idea what traditional meals would be like in Indonesia, let alone I would know about their street food. Some Indonesian friends told me about small snacks or dishes you can buy at the shops, but sorry, I have to admit I forgot all the difficult names within a minute.

To explain you more about some dishes, I did some research. One of them is Nasi Goreng, known in Europe as fried rice (with vegetables and tofu). Another one was Chicken Satay. This is marinated chicken (most of the times very spicy) on a skewer. Also available with beef! A more sweet one was Martabak. This is a mixture of pancake and cake dough, which they bake first for about 2 or 3 minutes. Secondly, they put chocolate on it, or cheese for the savory lovers. Finally, they fold the round thick pancake and fry it, causing the cheese or chocolate to melt. This process however, also makes sure the dish is remains covered in oil. Not bad, but therefore not my favorite.

If you’re planning on visiting Indonesia, you should definitely try some of the dishes I named above. The street food market we visited was Sabang Street.

Hope you like the photos!

In collaboration with Indonesia Travel (@indtravel). #WonderfulIndonesia #TripOfWonders

All pictures are shot with a Canon Mark IV 5D by Dennis Van Peel & Matthias Geerts.




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