Suited & Booted

Freezing nights, christmas trees on every big square in the city and fairy lights in all the shopping streets. That’s right; the holidays are coming!! With this post I want to share with you two outfits I’ll definitely wear this Christmas.

The first is a classic one. Black and white is always a great combo. Just a fancy black pants, with a white shirt, black bowtie & black blazer. It’s also cool to swith the shirt for one without a collar (so no bowtie). It gives a special accent and differentiates it from the former one. It’s possible to change up the classic pants for a jeans and the blazer for a leather jack, if you’re going for a more casual look.

I also like ties (the slim ones), but let’s be honest, bowties are waaaay handier! After so many years I’m not yet used to tying a tie…. But maybe that’s just because I’m to lazy to check out one of the million of tutorials on youtube.

“Bowties are way handier!”

Next is a more modern look. I combined a beige chino with a white shirt and denim bowtie. Btw, my bowties are coming from Bowtime. It’s a budget friendy, Belgian brand and their stuff is from excelent quality! You should really check it out guys! You can paire these outfits up with some white stan smith or classic brown/black shoes for the more classic outfit.

Anyway, I hope I helped you out a bit with some Christmas outfit ideas! Happy Holidays!


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