The Philippines

If you’re planning a next trip to Asia, don’t doubt picking the Philippines as your next destination. Water is clear-blue and nature is still virginal, compared to other touristic destinations in Asia – think Vietnam.

Our trip started in the capital: Manila. 2 days is more than enough to stay in this busy crowded city. Secondly, we flew to island Cebu where we visited the Kawasan Falls and went Whaleshark diving. A ferry connects Cebu with its neighboring island: Bohol. The best hotel to stay over there is the Henann Resort.

Palawan was next on our list. It’s a very long Island, including place like Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Coron & Boracay. Due to time constrictions, we only visited El Nido and Coron. Both are excellent places to go ‘island hopping’ – one of the coolest experiences in my life.

If you’re having more time than we had – two weeks – try including Davoa in your traveling scheme. Hopes this helps you a bit when planning your next bucket-list destination! 😉

Pictures taken by Me & Matthias Geerts w/a Canon Mark IV D5


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