This Was Insane

Hi there! I just got back from my trip in Benidorm, which was awesome. I’ll write down some of my favorite activities soon, but I first wanted to talk about something insane. Remember my blogpost about the Ciroc trip to Lech? I’ll refresh your memory quickly: I did a chopper flight with 4 other people above the Alps for a few minutes. This was cool and I was so blessed to scratch this from my bucket list as well, but …  The activity of a few days ago was just mind-blowing.

We were told that we would just be going back to our hotel. However, after a few minutes, we were driving in a part of Benidorm which we never saw before. Something was wrong, we thought. After a ride of 10 minutes, the bus stopped and everyones reaction was priceless. In front of us was a chopper, ready to let us explore Benidorm from above.

This time, we were able to take some super cool shots, as we were only with 3 of us in the chopper, including the pilot. Secondly, we flew around for 15 minutes! Benidorm looked so ‘vintage’ from the above. High skyscrapers and splendid blue water were the main scenery. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed my ride!



All pictures were taken by Dennis Van Peel & Matthias Geerts

In collaboration with Visit Benidorm

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