Valentine’s Day Gifts Every Fit Guy Would Love to Get

With V-Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about all the amazing possibilities for making our favourite male person extremely happy. It’s quite easy to think about a Valentine’s Day present for someone who likes fashion or books; it’s even easier if your guy gave you heads up on a certain present, so you basically know what to get him for the most romantic day of the year. However, what if your guy is into fitness and nothing else? Is he pumping those muscles and you know basically nothing about that, but still want to surprise him with something he would want? Check out these five gift ideas he’ll definitely like!


You wouldn’t think this type of present applies to fit guys, but it is something they would definitely need. As we all know, people obsessed with exercising just adore (or act like they do) a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. If you saw your man making smoothies and shakes early in the morning and blending practically anything, you can choose to gift him with the newest type of blender so that he could make a smoothie or natural juice in no time.

Sports accessories

Probably the best way to get your strongman something he would like and not make a mistake is by getting him a couple of small sports accessories. Think about it – he already has everything he needs for training, so getting him shoes, shorts or t-shirts is probably just an ordinary idea. Choose, for example, a nice and elegant water bottle to carry around the gym (and indirectly make him think of you while working those abs). Since a water bottle is a small and cheap present, you can use it to make a smart sporty gift box for him. Apart from the water bottle, you could get him a nice jump rope to use for cardio exercises. If you have a bigger budget, a good idea would be to get him a nice sports watch that he could take with him while working out. These don’t have to be expensive as there are excellent sports watches that are quite affordable.

Running Tights

Peep inside your man’s closet and take a look at all the pieces of clothing he has for hitting the gym. If you don’t see any good men’s running tights, then that’s definitely what you need to get him. First of all, they look great under a pair of shorts, so you don’t have to worry that he’ll look weird in the gym – everyone has a pair. Why though? That way, the muscles don’t cool down as quickly as without them, so you’ll be helping your man get in shape more easily and effectively.

Duffel bag or backpack

Again, something that any fit person needs is a good sports bag to take all the essentials to the gym, and honestly, a new bag is always making us happy. For this occasion, you can take a look at what your guy is taking to the gym. If you, perhaps, think that a duffel bag would be too big for this, you can always choose a nice, sports backpack, as there is a plethora of choices. There are some quite affordable duffel bags and backpacks out there, so make sure to choose one that’s nice, but also pay attention to the quality of the bag. If you buying something like this, it’s very important not to get something it will tear apart after a small period of time.

Sports Massage

Finally, something that any sportsman (or sportswoman) needs but rarely thinks about it, is a sports massage after a good training. So, if you want to surprise your man in the best possible way, booking him a couple of sports massage sessions would be good way to go. Everyone needs to get the muscles relaxed after a hard day’s training, so why not make this happen? It’s an original and very thoughtful idea, and it’s almost definite he will appreciate it very, very much.


Congratulations on making the best decision for a Valentine’s Day Gift (we assume you chose one of these tips, as doing differently would not be advisable!). It’s almost sure your man will be out of this world with joy once he sees the sports present you prepared for him, and if you want to make this even better – you could surprise him in other ways as well!


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