Velvet All The Way!

Home, Sweet Home. That’s how I felt after all the moving was – Finally – done. We painted almost all the walls, bought all the necessary plants & unpacked the sofa’s. The big work is over. To give you a few impressions about our apartment, more interior posts will come up. This one, will be about one of the most important rooms: the dining-room!

It wasn’t easy for us to decide about the chairs. As you could read in one of my previous posts, I prefer a mixing dinning set. There are so many options on the internet, which makes the search even more difficult.

Our picture was the following: golden forks, knives and spoons, a black table and colorful service. Why not adding some more color? As our kitchen is pretty distant and closed from our living room, we had the chance to go a different way here. However, we wanted something to connect both. Our sofas are velvet, so this brought us to the idea of taking velvet chairs as well.

Browsing on the internet, you’ll find several Belgian or Dutch design brands, which all sell beautiful products. Decisions, decisions… Well, no one told life would be easy. Zuiver  is one of those Dutch design brands. You’ll fall in love easily with their all own designed interior items. They have a ‘Brit Armchair , which looks comfortable, has a velvet upholstery and is available in several colors. Sounds like a perfect match, right?

One of their Belgian distributors is Top Interieur. After giving a visit at their store, we decided to take 2 pink ones, 2 green ones and 2 grey ones. It wasn’t easy to get them all in the car, but we succeed. Having dinner never felt this cosy to me! Have a look at the pictures below & let me know what you think about the setting (and especially the chairs).



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  1. January 12, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Love the chairs, but I’m even more in love with the cutlery and tableware! Where’s that from?


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