What to do in Bohol?

The Island of Bohol has many things to see. In our resort, the Henann Resort at the Alona Beach, it was possible to book an all-day tour. This included a personal driver for 8 hours which took us across whole Bohol, starting at the Chocolate Hills.

Mainly, it are a lot of huge orange-brown hills, which looks really simple in your head, but awesome to see from above. A little insider: they were called the Carmel Hills, until an American tourist visited the site and said to a guide: ‘They are brown and should be called the Chocolate Hills’. And since then, the Carmel Hills are called to Chocolate Hills.

Next on the program was a visit to the Tarsier Zoo. The Tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world, but you’ll probably know it from the movie ‘Madagascar’. They actually sleep during the day, so they hide under large palm-leafs. They’re really fascinating to look at, however we only saw 5 of them. It took us only 5 minutes to get trough the whole ‘zoo’.

Our guide informed us about a cool zip line, which was on the way to the next stop: The Bamboo Bridge. We decided to have a look at the zip line and it convinced us immediately! It took only a few seconds to ‘fly’ from one hill to another, but the view was spectacular. The Bamboo Bride on the other hand, was not that breathtaking.

In our tour was included one lunch, which took place on a ‘floating restaurant’. Our experience was horrible – ABORT MISSION. It was a buffet of fried stuff (chicken, fish, pork,…), rice and some fruits. We were seated on a table, with other people next to us, which we did not know. They informed us we needed to wait for 20 more minutes, before the boat would leave. We decided to get of the boat before it would leave and we would we be captured for one more hour.

Practical stuff about Bohol.

Our tour was 2500 PHP (35,- EUR). This included a driver for 8 hours, excluding all the entrance fees.

Entrance Fee

  • Chocolate Hills : 1 EUR
  • Tarsier Zoo : 1 EUR
  • Bamboo Bridge : 0.20 EUR
  • Floating Restaurant : Don’t!

Photos by Me & Matthias Geerts w/a Canon EOS Mark IV


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