What to do in Cebu?

When in Cebu, there are two main activities on the island. Whaleshark-diving in Oslob and the Kawasan Falls, both situated in the South. The Kawasan Falls are a real economic motor of Cebu and large source of income for the local population. After driving from Cebu City to the Kawasan falls – a drive of almost 3 hours – we stopped at the closest point reachable by car and continued our trip by feet.

Local guides will attack you after parking your car, however don’t worry – they won’t eat you. We took a guide for 100 pesos (almost 2 euros), which led us through all three falls. After all, it wasn’t really necessary because the path is easy walkable on your own and starts right next to the church.

We reached the first waterfall around 7:30h Yes, that’s right: we woke up at 4 A.M. to be the first ones there. If you want to discover the waterfalls in its purest form, without a large crowd already swimming in front of it, you need to be there before 9 A.M.

Our hike took almost 3 hours from the first waterfall up to the third one, including swimming in a more-hidden lagoon underway. The water had a magnificent tropical light blue color and is even drinkable at the third waterfall (it pops out of the ground like a spring). For the adrenaline-junkies between us: You can jump of a cliff of 13 meters near the third waterfall. And yes, we did! The Kawasan falls should be on top of your list when visiting the Philippines.


  • 3 hours driving from Cebu City
  • 1 EUR to enter
  • Please, go as early in the morning possible




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