What to do in Montreal

November is not the perfect month to visit Montreal, however it can be really cosy during Winter. It will probably give you a more ‘Canadian’ vibe, than going during Summer. That your warmest coats and jackets with you ’cause you’ll need them. We survived one day of minus 8 degrees Celsius (and we’re able to even take some photos outside that day).

Montreal is one of the most (if not thé most) cultural cities of Canada. During Summer, a lot of music festivals take place in the city but even during Winter & Autumn, there is a lot to see. When going to the area of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, you’ll find several wall paintings. Not the one from the Old Ages, but modern ones, made of graffiti. It’s awesome to wonder around the Saint-Laurent boulevard and explore the city’s art side.

Another neighborhood worth checking out is Old Montreal. It reminds of Paris, but smaller buildings and with an American twist. The cathedral of the Notre Dame is one of the eye-cashers. From the outside, it’s a copy from the authentic Parisian one. When entering, you’ll be blown away by its outstanding beauty

A nice afternoon activity is visiting the Musée D’art Contemporain de Montréal. Shortly said MAC. In this majestic building are temporary exhibitions held. During our stay there, Leonard Cohen’s life was shown in an interactive way. For those who don’t know him: It’s him who composed ‘Hallelujah’!

A nice place to stay when in Montreal? The Fairmont Queen Elisabeth for sure! It’s a newly renovated complex for the Fairmont Hotels. They offer many guest rooms, suites and even the John Lennon Suite (the most extravagant suite I’ve ever seen). It’s situated in the center of the city at the René-Lévesque Boulevard. You can book by using this link.

Some recommended places to eat are

  • LOV : a vegan and vegetarian restaurant serving botanical cuisine. LOV is a vision. An obsession and desire to go back to basics.
    • 1232 de la Montage Street, Lucien-d’Allier.
  • Venice: Amid a Californian-style decor, Venice offers a healthy, unique menu featuring pokes, gourmet salads, tacos, sups and juices.
    • 440 Saint-Francois-Xavier, Place-d’Armes.
  • Holder: A French bistro serving excellent dishes in a chique-cooking restaurant.
    • 407 McGill Street

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

The John Lennon Suite at Fairmont Queen Elisabeth

Old Montreal

Pictures by Me & Matthias Geerts w/a Canon Mark IV 4D




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