Where to Have Coffee in Croatia

Ajmo na kavu” [let’s go for coffee] is the most commonly heard invitation to socialize. However, going for coffee doesn’t stop us from exchanging this dark liquid for an alcoholic drink. There’s nothing more satisfying than grabbing coffee after food or when cruising through town.

Croats mostly meet for coffee just to catch up with friends. Be sure that missing a coffee date means missing all the latest gossip news. If you want to be where the action is, there’s a special time during weekends in Zagreb called špica. Having coffee on špica means getting ready, showing your best outfits and being seen. Of course, nothing can go without taking a dozen of cute pictures and posting them all over your social media.

Most of the cafes around town are smokers friendly, mainly because of the Croatian way of drinking coffee. It has a deep connection with cigarettes, which led to a saying that smokers use – “kako ću piti kavu bez cigareta?” [how will I enjoy my coffee without a cigarette]. Even non-smokers rarely complain about a smoky atmosphere.

There are many more cool-looking cafes in Zagreb to explore. The reason behind why there are so many of them around town is quite simple – Croats love their coffee!

Below you’ll find some images of cafes worth visiting while in Zagreb:


Kim’s Coffee

Sjedi 5

Cogito Coffee

Café U Dvorištu

Najgora kava u gradu

Photocredits to urbanka.hr


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