Why you should visit South Tyrol? #1

Last week, me and some other fellow bloggers took the plane to Italy, to check out its Northern part: South Tyrol. In the evening, we entered our hotel ‘Feldmilla’ in Speikboden. Next to being a classy one, it’s also the first climate neutral hotel of South Tyrol. The room was great & the food was even greater. The only part which bothered us a little was the slow internet, so you can image we were struggling to post some pictures on Instagram. Mobile data wasn’t a solution either in the mountains of the Dolomites. Maybe it’s good to have a social media detox? Yeah, well for one night ;).

After being stuffed with some great Italian food and world class wine, we went for a night hike. Actually, we were doubting between doing shots or going for a walk, but with our full stomachs, shots weren’t an option. We climbed up the town of Campo Tures until we reached its historical castle. It’s possible to visit during daytime with an amazing view over the valleys of the Dolomites.


The next day started at its best: with a large breakfast. After doing our best to upload at least one picture on Instagram, we left to check out the slopes of Speikboden. There wasn’t a lot of snow near our hotel, but this was the opposite when entering the skiing area. It wasn’t the plan to go skiing this year, so I was major excited to hit the slopes. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, it was time to have lunch on top of the mountain, with an amazing view included. We discovered a local drink: Hugo, which is a combo of wine, elderflower syrup and sparkling water. The dessert (for me) was apple strudel. Right on the abs, I know, but I needed to check out the local stuff, right?


We went checking out the other slopes of the area until the cable cars closed and we were able to drink some more Hugo’s (definitely the discovery of the trip). That night we slept in an igloo in the middle of the skiing area. The sleeping bags were able to cover until minus 40 degrees, yet we were a little afraid of freezing to death. We had dinner in the ‘main’ igloo where we drunk warm water (first time for everything?) and ate another local dessert: ‘Keizerschmarrn’. A mix of scrambled pancakes, apple and sugar. Heaven on a plate.

After dinner, we went into our private sauna (well yes, private together with 4 other people who dared to sleep in the igloo). By our local host, we were told to roll in the snow after getting out of the sauna and jumping into the hot tub. One thing more to scrap of my bucket list. Looking up, we saw some of the brightest stars ever seen in my life. After relaxing for one hour into the warm water and talking about life (or bloggerstuff), we were tired enough to dare entering our igloo and preparing for the night.

To be continued.

More about the region of South Tyrol, you may find on Kronplatz & 3 Zinnen.


Ski Outfit – Bench

Sunglasses – Komono


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    The place is so gorgeous! The pictures are beautiful!

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