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Indonesia was on my bucket list for a long time, including Bali. So many bloggers already went there and I heard great stories about the country itself. I wasn’t sure if Bali would fulfill my expectations, as it was so hyped on Instagram already. I can tell you one thing: This trip surpassed all my thoughts. We crossed 4 main destinations in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bintan, Yogyakarta & Bali.


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, which is also visible in its traffic. It’s rush hour 24/7, so staying in a hotel centrally located is a must. Jakarta only has a very small old colonial center which is not really necessary to visit. The city’s main attractions are the shopping malls (which are huuuge) and its street food markets with delicious food! More about the Jakarta street food can be found here. During the night: have a drink in one of the several rooftop bars located in the center. Bintang, the local Indonesian beer is a must try! 2 or 3 days in Jakarta is more than enough before hopping to the next destination.


The Island of Bintan is not easy to reach. They have an airport but this one is not handling many flights, so another option is to fly to the airport of Batam and take the ferry (and bus) afterwards. The two main attractions of Bintan are White Sand Island and Treasure Bay.

The latter one is not a beach, but the second largest pool in the world (after the one in Chile). You can do several activities there such as waterboarding, sliding & ‘canoo-ing’. Not into activities? Order a fresh, cold coconut and lay at the ‘beach’.

White Sand Island was my favorite activity in Bintan. It’s only 5 minutes by boat from the shore of Bintan. It’s even possible to sleep on the island itself, but we just went there for 1 afternoon. Relaxing in the shallow water or laying underneath the palmtree is a great way to energize for the next upcoming destination.


Yogyakarta is one of the largest cities of Indonesia. Most of the backpackers go there to see the temples. The largest Buddist one is located one and a half hour from the city. It’s called Borobudur. The best moment to go there is during sunrise. Waking up at 3 AM is hard, but it’s definitely worth it to be there at 5AM and watching the sun coming up.

When staying in Yogyakarta, book a Merapi Lava Tour around the still active Merapi volcano. More photo of this beautiful tour can be found here.


Bali is the perfect destination to end your trip through Indonesia. The last year it’s so hyped on Instagram, I was afraid it would disappoint my high expectations. Gladly, it fulfilled everything I imagined. Coconut trees, beaches, surfcamps, acai bowls and healthy foodbars… Name what you would expect in Bali & it’s there.

Bali is one of the largest islands of Indonesia. It hosts several villages and towns, with waterfalls and temples in the North and surf camps and food spots in the South. Unfortunately, we didn’t had enough time to travel to the northern part, but I’m sure it’s worth a visit.

Ubud is a jungle village only one and a half hour away from the Depansar Airport. The easiest way to travel there is using the taxi-app Blue Bird. Taxis are secure and safe, and they have a meter so no need to bargain about the price in advance. Ubud is famous for its rice fields (Tengallalang) and the Monkey Forest. Here you’ll find more information what to do in Ubud if you only have 24 hours.

In Seminyak and Cangu you’ll find all the great food spots, bars, beach clubs and night life. The instafamous Café Organic is located here as well. If you wanna focus on surfing during your stay in Bali, I would recommend you to go to Uluwatu. Most of the hotels and beach clubs over there are located on cliffs, which offer extraordinary sunsets. The Alila Villas Uluwatu is the best possible stay you can have when spending some days in Uluwatu. It’s located next to Omnia Beach club where everything is happening at the moment.

If you’re feeling to visit Indonesia in the near future, I hope this post helped a bit. If you weren’t planning to visit this beautiful country, I hope you hereby changed your mind. If still not: take a look to my #WonderfulIndonesia pictures. Want to win a trip to Indonesia? Do the quiz and maybe you’ll be in Bali faster than you know!

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All pictures are shot with a Canon Mark IV 5D by Dennis Van Peel & Matthias Geerts.



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