5 Date Night Grooming Tips for Men

Well dudes, what happens when you have a date tonight and you think you do not look groomed enough, but you have no time to do that after work or you simply do not know how? It would be such a shame to lose a girl (or a guy) only because you are not well-groomed, and precisely because of that we are here to help you reach your potential, and be the Jake Gyllenhaal in the world of Johnny Depps. What are the most important things you need to think about and how to achieve them? Take a look, but one thing is for certain – after this article, your life will not be the same.

1. Think of your beard

If you are rocking facial hair, know that this makes up to more than 50% of your final look, so you really need to pay attention to it. If you do not want to trouble yourself with the constant trimming and pampering, you might want to shave completely. However, if you like your beard, have all the high-quality products with you at all times. This includes the beard shampoo that you should use every night and the moisturizer or the beard oil (which makes your beard softer and thus it looks more natural). Trim and style your beard at least once a week if you want to have one that looks amazing (but it would be very advisable to have it trimmed and styled a day or two before the actual date).

2. Opt for beauty treatments

It is not a shame for a guy to opt for beauty treatments. We are living in 2019 and it is high time we paid attention to our face as well. Not only is it important to practice proper skincare (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing every day), but it would be great if, from time to time, you went for a treatment at an aesthetic clinic and bring out the best you have. Your skin will play a big role, not only on this date, but everywhere in life, and it is our job to keep it fresh and well-preserved. The majority of men do not pay attention to their face, so if you do and you succeed in it, your hard work will pay off in the end.

3. Lips are moving

Your lips are also parts of your face that many people notice at first, especially if they are romantically interested in you. They are very prone to dehydration and chapping, and if you do not use special products, they might feel unusual and rough as well, which is a complete turn off. In order to stop that from happening, it would be a great idea to slough off the dry skin with a toothbrush (you can also use a mixture of olive oil and salt) and apply a lip balm. This will keep your lips very soft and quite kissable if we might add.

4. Cover the faults

Another thing that men find quite hard to start using is the concealer. This is not a product that was invented for girls only, as men can benefit from it as well. If you have certain blemishes, red spots or even blackheads, the concealer is your best friend. Make sure to get one that is high-quality and simply put it on before you go out. The most important thing here is that you go with the skin color of your own, as everything too light will simply look ridiculous. Darker tones will not do you any good, so if you need help, ask your best girl friend to help you out – they know their makeup.

5. Always have deodorant

If you are having a date night with somebody who is very important to you, then you might be quite nervous and stressed, and we all know how that ends. In order not to have black spots under your arms (which is always embarrassing AND a huge turn off), have a deodorant that is high-quality. If you have a bag that you carry around, it would be a great thing to take your deodorant with you.


These 5 are the most important pieces of advice that anyone can give you as far as date nights are concerned. Just follow the tips, play it cool and do not overdo it, and you’ll be good. Good luck!


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